Find Your Sleep Position


Before you embark on your Sleep Challenge it’s important to know your sleep position. Did you know that the positions you sleep in can affect your health and the quality of your sleep?

Your Pre-Challenge

  1. Take note of what position you intuitively assume when going to sleep tonight
  2. Take note of what position you’re in when you wake up in the morning

If the two match up, this is your ‘preferred sleeping position’

If they don’t match up, just try again! If they still don’t match up –  no worries, that just means you don’t have a preferred sleeping position!

Stomach sleeper

Sleeping on your stomach is not a preferable sleep position. This position cause strain on your spine and could cause back and neck pain in the future. You’re also putting pressure on your lungs which might affect your breathing. If you really prefer this sleeping position you could try sleeping without a pillow to prevent an awkward angle for your neck.

Back sleeper

Sleeping on your back is a natural sleeping position which is beneficial for rest as you’re not forcing a weird angle on your spine. But make sure you’re not suffering from apnoea or snoring because sleeping on your back will only increase those problems.

Side sleeper

Sleeping on your side is the most popular sleeping position, and also the most recommended one. It’s a natural position for your back, it doesn’t affect your breathing and it usually decreases interrupted sleep. Although it could cause temporary arm-numbness, so try avoid sleeping with your arm under the pillow.

Explore the positions

Many of us choose positions that put strains on our bodies, causing pain or apnoea. But even if your preferred sleeping position might do more harm than good, it’s never too late to break a bad habit. Try sleeping in all the different positions and see which one benefits you the most!

Let us know your sleep position in the comments below!

Get involved in the discussion

  • Tina Grzeczkowski

    “Side sleeper- the most recommended one”: not trying to be sassy, but on what planet? All the health articles that I have ever read recommend sleeping on the back.

  • Isabel Nieto

    i sleep on my stomach with my face facing towards my left

  • Lydia Waaka

    I’m a side sleeper😀😀

  • Etagirl

    I often find lying on my stomach to be most comfortable when I’m trying to fall asleep, that or lying on my left side. It seems like I find it more comfortable to sleep without a pillow or with my head resting on the very end/bottom of the pillow. It seems like when I wake up though, I’m in a completely different position! I usually on my back or side. I wonder if this means back-sleeping is my natural sleep position? But when I ask my family which position they usually find me in when they come in to wake me up they say I’m usually on my side? So do I just flip over onto my back whenever somebody else calls me to wake me up or…? I have no idea.

    On a side note, dunno how true this is but, my mother always told me lying on your left side can help if you have gas pain/trapped gas. XD

  • Michael Bugden

    I find if i attempt to sleep on my left side it’s uncomfortably itchy but don’t experience the same issue on my right side

  • Zena Nicholls

    I’m a right side sleeper

  • Maria Potaka

    Sleep on my left side however occasionally wake up on my back

  • Christine Johns

    Im a back sleeper and use CPAP

    • Nina Mayard-husson

      What’s CPAP?

  • Craig Mathieson

    I am a left side sleeper

  • Kirsty Mitchell

    I fall asleep quicker on my left side but if I have back and hip pain, which I do at the moment, I sleep on my back to minimise the pain.

  • Carmel O’Rourke

    I am afraid to sleep on my stomach. I used to, but woke twice with full body numbness. It was terrifying and I had to try wriggling finger then hand etc. To get moving again. Definitely side sleeper.

  • jan west

    I sleep flat on my tummy, no pillow, head to one side and arms over my head. If I try to sleep on my back I snore and can’t get comfy on my side.

  • Michelle

    Definitely a side sleeper, for those moments when I actually sleep…

  • Princess of Sexyness

    I sleep on my stomach but by the next morning im on my back when I wake up

  • Kerrie Ley

    I start on my left side & when knees ache go onto on my back. After a while, my back will ache so go my right side. Feel aches again so go on my back, then the left side and it goes on all night.

  • Trudy Bailey

    I am a definite side sleeper! Though regularly turn over side through the night due to shoulder/back discomfort.

  • Dj

    I start sleeping on my left, sometimes stay there, sometimes i toss and turn, waking in any position.

  • Dianne Elizabeth

    I’d say I’m a pillow hugging side sleeper, mainly right side. I like to have the doona over my head, only thing poking out is my face! Good I don’t have a partner to annoy with my sleeping position.

  • Rachel M Hughes

    I go to sleep on my back, or on my left hand side!

  • Emy

    I sleep on my stomach with my head turned to the side and my arms up above my head :s

  • Meganski

    I’m go to sleep on my side and wake on my side. I used to sleep on my tummy a lot but stopped after I had my daughter.

  • Smartcoook

    I sleep on my back BECAUSE I have sleep apnoea and have to use a bipap machine.

  • Steve

    I’m a side sleeper but sometimes wake up on my stomach.

  • Amy Stuart

    Side sleeper at first, but when I’m stressed I end up on my stomach, which just causes more pain!

  • Loraine Smith

    Side sleeper at first. But always wake up on my back.

  • eleni_aus

    stomach sleeper for 55+ years but more recently neck pain has meant adopting side sleeping position (but I read somewhere that one side is preferable to the other re heart condition – anyone know if it is the right – or is it the left – that is preferable?)

    • Barbara Elizabeth Robinson

      Yes I heard that too. Sleeping on your left side puts a strain on your heart?!

  • Leanne

    Seem to be mostly a back sleeper with lots of tossing and turning from one side to the other.

  • Bernadette Rodman

    Sadly, I’m a stomach sleeper! A hangover from sleeping on a water bed during my pregnancies!!!
    Can not sleep on my right side due to arthritis in my shoulder.

  • Gem

    Side sleeper, I tend to start on my left – sometimes I wake up on my right but not often.

  • John Quinn

    Side sleeper, swap sides during the night. Can’t sleep on my back especially after a few wines as I wake up with a dry throat

  • Heather Thorne

    Side sleeper – mainly left but sometimes right.

  • Marg Sparkman

    Right side sleeper

  • Les

    Left and right side sleeper, mainly left but constantly swap.

  • Leanne Loryman

    Side sleeper…sometimes back

  • Sandra Davis

    I am a very restless sleeper, due to shoulder and neck problems. Sleeping on my side is my preferred position, but it depends on my current pain level

  • Marie-Clare Abrahamsen

    Luckily my preferred sleep position is on my side:)

  • Jo Carson

    Side sleeper. I used to wake up feeling like I’d been put through a wringer. Since getting a new mattress (King Koil), my body feels much better.

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