Find Your Sleep Position


Before you embark on your Sleep Challenge it’s important to know your sleep position. Did you know that the positions you sleep in can affect your health and the quality of your sleep?

Your Pre-Challenge

  1. Take note of what position you intuitively assume when going to sleep tonight
  2. Take note of what position you’re in when you wake up in the morning

If the two match up, this is your ‘preferred sleeping position’

If they don’t match up, just try again! If they still don’t match up –  no worries, that just means you don’t have a preferred sleeping position!

Stomach sleeper

Sleeping on your stomach is not a preferable sleep position. This position cause strain on your spine and could cause back and neck pain in the future. You’re also putting pressure on your lungs which might affect your breathing. If you really prefer this sleeping position you could try sleeping without a pillow to prevent an awkward angle for your neck.

Back sleeper

Sleeping on your back is a natural sleeping position which is beneficial for rest as you’re not forcing a weird angle on your spine. But make sure you’re not suffering from apnea or snoring because sleeping on your back will only increase those problems.

Side sleeper

Sleeping on your side is the most popular sleeping position, and also the most recommended one. It’s a natural position for your back, it doesn’t affect your breathing and it usually decreases interrupted sleep. Although it could cause temporary arm-numbness, so try avoid sleeping with your arm under the pillow.

Explore the positions

Many of us choose positions that put strains on our bodies, causing pain or apnea. But even if your preferred sleeping position might do more harm than good, it’s never too late to break a bad habit. Try sleeping in all the different positions and see which one benefits you the most!

Have you discovered your sleep position? Share your experience in the forum. 

Get involved in the discussion

  • Adrian Brown

    I start on my side but always end up on my back.

  • John Quinn

    I sleep on my side but find my scrotum gets uncomfortable hence I put a long pillow between my legs

  • Nicole Devereux

    Definitely a side sleeper!!

  • Sue Carlile

    I always fall asleep on my stomach and hugging my pillow.
    I wake up in the morning lying flat on my back.

  • Jo Carson

    Definitely a side sleeper

  • MeliMelo

    Team Side Sleeper!

    Occasionally I wake up on my back with my right arm up (and numb) but left side sleeper all the way otherwise!

  • tsj

    Side sleeper… on my right side that is. Whenever I tried to sleep on my left I will end up turning and fall asleep on my right anyway. I wake up either on my back, which is the normal for me, or on my left side (maybe because I fall asleep while tending to my daughter in the middle of the night, who is sleeping on my left side.)

  • Steph

    I tend to start on my side but don’t usually fall asleep until I roll onto my back.

  • Hugh Jonathan McGuire

    Every time I go to sleep, I start off with my back and then I use sides which would work for me.

  • Bry

    Side sleeper for sure, especially LHS. I
    can’t fall asleep unless I’m on my LHS. I never get arm numbness though.

  • Louise Douglas

    Definitely a side sleeper! Takes me ages to get to sleep and eventually I fall asleep on the same side every night. Then after tossing and turning for two hours (which is mostly what I get every night) I wake up on the same side. I’m loving this challenge so far and have only just started! I’ve tried everything except medications and I refuse to do that! Can’t wait to get started! 😄

  • tim

    I naturally go towards my stomach but can’t fall asleep until I’m on my back

  • Kingston L

    i sleep on the side, then on my back, sometimes left or right are comfortable but i tend to move around a lot, i have narcolepsy so disturbed sleep patterns, tend to wake up a lot,

  • Evie Ryding

    I have very strange nocturnal patterns:
    I talk- I’ve been recorded saying “but if I kill them they will think I’m crazy” and “put the cows out”;
    I walk- like I’ve tried to escape through my bedroom window once whilst still asleep-I woke up when I couldn’t unlock the window😂;
    I dream- seriously insane things …not sure if this sleep experiment thing applies to me?

    • Traci Hampson

      Wow… I do the talking thing too (sometimes in alternative languages – which I have never learned!!!) I don’t walk, but I’ve been known to sit up straight and talk to people as though I’m awake when I’m 100% asleep. I’ve also had some really bizarre dreams… crazy weird stuff!

  • Belinda Cave

    Hahaha this is going to be so interesting… iv never even throught about my favour sleeping position… so ill soon find out 😂😄

  • Nikaela Walsh

    I’m a side sleeper. Some nights I sleep and wake on the same side, other nights I wake up on the opposite side.
    If I wake during the night I end up raised and on my back, but travel down to my side again.


    I always go to sleep on my side but wake up on my back. Every time.

  • Ash Caff

    I’m mostly a side sleeper. Start the night on the side, but I take a long time to fall asleep so move around a lot. Never wake up in the same position, but also wake up quite a few times through out the night. Bad back, knees and hip don’t help when finding a comfortable position

  • Diana

    Side/tummy sleeper I toss quite a bit and never wake up in one particular way

  • Hayley Thomas

    I’m a side sleeper, generally go to sleep on my left and wake up on my right in the morning… but often if i wake during the night I’m on my back.

  • Realsleepyhead

    I prefer sleeping on my side with a pillow for support of the upper arm, however, I have bursitis in both shoulders from a previous poor mattress. Upshot is that I ahve to sleep on my back to avoid the pain in my shoulders from lying on my side and have not had a decent nights sleep in 18 months as a result. Permanently tired.

  • Judit

    Oh, every night is different for me, and almost never fall asleep on the same side where I actually wake up, I don’t think that I have found my sleep position yet…

  • Valerie Hopkinson

    Sure i’m a side sleeper as it feels much more comfortable for me

  • Jami

    i move around a lot in my sleep. Start on left side then right side wake up on back.

  • Tylah

    I sleep on my right side usually, though I tend to toss and turn a bit before I go to sleep and sometimes end up falling asleep on my left side instead. My leg is usually pointed out for my body at a ninety degree angle because its more comfortable when my leg is stretched out. Some nights I try sleeping cuddling with a pillow, but when I do it usually ends up on the floor!

  • Danita van der Weegen

    I always sleep on my side hugging a body pillow between arms and legs. (I can’t sleep on my back due to apnea and snoring). Throughout the night I shift from side to side, waking up constantly (anywhere between 5 and 15 time) to do so. Very rarely will I wake to find I’ve moved in my sleep.

  • Deborah Jane Curtis

    I never remember to take note of how I wake up! Any tips on how to remember??

    • Traci Hampson

      Leave a note pad next to your bed, with “What position did I wake up in?” written on it…. and a pen with it, so immediately when you wake, you will see it and remember :)

  • Hannah-Kate Curd

    Anyone a tummy sleeper?
    I’m getting pain in my lower back an
    d I believe it’s due too tummy sleeping….
    Would love advice on how to kick this habit, so far no luck 😩

    • Jacinta Smyth

      I also sleep on my tummy. I have thought about trying to change, but getting to sleep is hard enough without being in a less comfortable position!

  • Stacey

    I fall asleep on my right side and always wake up on my back with my hands above my head duno what this means x

  • Natasha

    I usually start off on my side but soon move to my stomach. Have no idea what happens in the night then usually wake up again on my side. Start on my right side but wake up on left or right.

  • Lindamd

    Mainly a (left) side sleeper. Have retrained myself to sleep on my back as well and tend to alternate between left, right side and back.

    Extremely restless, sometimes ‘ violent’ tosser.

  • Rebecca Tupu

    I lie on my back to sleep but will wake up either on my back or my side

  • Jen

    I also start the night on my left side. I wake several times thru the night, often with a racing heart. Changing to a position on my back helps this but I always wake in the morning on my left side again

  • Rosaleesh

    Fall asleep on my left side in the foetal position….and usually wake up on either side. I know I move around a fair bit and cover all positions throughout the night lol

  • Tess Sykes

    so my bedtime position and morning wake up position are different. . in fact I can wake up to 5 times a night be in a different position each time? ??

  • Dave Grubb

    I intuitively start the night on my back with at least 3 pillows under my head neck and shoulders

    • Tess Sykes

      I used to love my pillows. using at least 3 including a trip pillow. haven’t needed them since I purchased a Gel pillow. definitely recommend them.

      • Dave Grubb

        What do you think about the Bamboo pillows?

        • Heather

          Both my husband and I have the bamboo pillows. He loves his where as I really dislike mine. It hasn’t helped his snoring much but he does sleep better.

  • Michelle Allwright

    I’m the arm under the pillow tummy sleeper

    • Kirsty Marie van Beuzekom

      I too sleep that way Michelle a bit like the recovery positionin

  • Mumma B

    Hmm.. I wonder what it means if my night time intuitive position DOESN’T match up with the position I wake in in the morning…?

    • Lisa

      Maybe it means you move around in your sleep

  • kylie

    Truly does depend on what way the wind is blowing.
    I go to sleep on my side (my leg position depends on how sore my back is)
    Hubby says I often roll on to my back, bring my knees up crossing one over the top of the other with the leg on top suspender in the air. Sometimes I sleep on my tummy but this will wake me up with pins and needles in my arms. But I generally wake up on my side. I generally get about 3-4 hours sleep overnight.

  • Sally

    Usually fall asleep on my left side then after a heck of a lot of tossing and turning manage to fall asleep .. Normally awake a few hours later due to hubby’s snoring then after changing beds to avoid the loud noise beside me I usually wake on my back :)

  • Vanessa ford

    I sleep on my left side almost in a foetal position with hands tucked under my face

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