How Does Exercise Improve Your Sleep?


It is well known that regularly exercising is good for your health. However, did you know that regularly exercising actually improves your quality of sleep?

It has been concluded from research that exercise positively impacts the sleeping habits of physically fit people in three ways:

  1.    they fall asleep more quickly
  2.    they sleep better
  3.    they feel less tired during the day

The ability to fall asleep more quickly enables you to spend more time in the non-REM stages of sleep (slow-wave sleep), which is beneficial for body rest and restoration. With more time in the slow-wave sleep, your body can complete more sleep cycles. The average adult completes five 90-minute sleep cycles over the course of a night.

Exercising on a regular basis can help you reach the onset of sleep more quickly and improve your quality of sleep, which will have you feeling much more revitalised in the morning.

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