Sleep is your free anti-aging skin care


If you are not getting a good night’s sleep, you can forget about all the skin care products, the creams and the skin treatments you are trying.


Your skin actually benefits the most from a good night’s sleep. During this time your body naturally repairs itself. During the deepest stages of rest, right before the REM (Rapid-Eye Movement) stage of sleep, your body hits its peak for releasing growth hormones that are vital for your body to repair cells and tissue.

A typical sleep cycle lasts about 90 minutes, and most adults need to complete 4-5 full cycles for their bodies and brain to perform to their optimum capability. If you miss out or cut short the stages of deep rest you will wake feeling lethargic and tired. Your body will miss out on those all important growth hormones and your skin will suffer!


Similarly insufficient sleep can leave you feeling fatigued and lacklustre, and also inhibit this restoration process from reaching its full potential.


You should consider sleep as part of your beauty regime: a natural solution to the dark circles, fine lines or some of the blemishes and rashes that may appear.

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