8 Ways Sleep Can Change Your Life


Have you assessed your sleeping habits lately? Do you always take sleep for granted? Sleep is essential to one’s health and well-being. Good sleep means a happier and better self. Unfortunately, many people today don’t understand the serious side effects of poor sleep habits and as a result we are not getting enough quality sleep. Sleep matters and here’s why:


1. Improved Health

Countless studies have revealed the long term negative effects of chronic sleep loss: heart disease, heart attacks, obesity, and diabetes to name a few. However, shift workers are also at a high risk of the short term health effects due to their erratic sleep schedules. One study simulated sleep patterns of shift workers on 10 healthy adults and the results revealed blood glucose levels that were pre-diabetic within just a few days.


2. Prevent Accidents

Sleep deprived individuals are much more likely to be involved in accidents, whether automobile accidents, accidents that occur in the workplace or just tripping around the house. With the right amount of sleep, you will improve your reaction time as well as your attention to detail.


3. Pain Relief

Suffering from pain, whether chronic or temporary, is something that is never easy to deal with. However, missing those precious Zs, can amplify the pain making it worse during your waking hours. If the pain makes it unbearable to fall asleep, try consulting your doctor for some sleep aids or pain relief. Sleep is vital to the healing process so don’t overlook a good night’s sleep.


4. Drop the Weight

When sleep becomes an integral part of your healthy lifestyle, keeping your weight down will become much less difficult. Not only does your body burn heaps of calories when you are sleeping, but a well-rested mind will make you much less likely to crave unhealthy foods.


5. Better Sex Life

Were you too tired for sex last night? And the night before? Well, it turns out around 1 in 4 people admit that their sex lives are suffering because they are too tired for it. There is no clear cut answer to why this happens, but some research has found that poor sleep can drop testosterone levels in men. Get some sleep and make sure you are ready for the moment. 


6. Smile and Be Happy

It is not uncommon for people who are sleep deprived to be irritable, forgetful or a bit out of it. Without enough sleep, your threshold for anger drops, anxiety increases, and you tend to socialise less. If you are experiencing any of these side effects, try getting a little more shut-eye so you can smile more often. 


7. Sharpen Your Mind

Your mind benefits most from a good night’s rest. Without enough sleep your memory is significantly worse and your mind is cloudy. Having a slight afternoon dip in mood is normal, but if you rely on caffeine to get you through every arvo you are probably not sleeping enough. Your brain processes and stores memories while you sleep, so without enough of it your memory will suffer.


8. Boost Your Immunity

Research has revealed that people getting 7 hours of sleep or less per night are actually 3 times more likely to get sick than those who get 8 hours of sleep. Getting enough sleep won’t guarantee your good health, but it will certainly help to boost your immune system and make it less likely for you to catch a cold.

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