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“I really enjoyed doing the 6 week sleep challenge, it got me thinking about little things I was doing every night when I went to bed that were affecting my sleep. 

Since taking the 6 week sleep challenge I’ve been getting at least an extra hour of sleep most nights of the week. 

I definitely recommend to anyone looking to improve their sleep quality to join the 6 week sleep challenge next time it’s on!”

Adam Parker


“The 6 Week sleep challenge has allowed me to stop and think about the type of sleep I am getting. The weekly emails gave me a chance to look at different aspects of my life and the impact they had on my sleep and routine. Over the 6 weeks the quality of sleep I am getting has improved which allows me to get more out of day.”

Sylvia Headon 


“The 6-week sleep challenge was a great way for me to create an environment so I could sleep well.  Over time, and without knowing, I’d developed a number of habits that together had a major impact on my ability to sleep well.  The 6-week challenge allowed me to look at things separately and see the difference they made.  Thanks for a great program.” 

Robyn Webb


After the 6 Weeks Challenge, I realized I need preferably 9 hours of sleep a night. I also learned which habits don’t allow me to sleep well. This is a very big gift for me. This knowledge will always help me to keep improving my sleeping patterns. I am very happy with this result of the Sleeping Challenge.”

Charlotte Van Der Wateren 

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