Find Your Sleep Position


Before you embark on your Sleep Challenge it’s important to know your sleep position and a few other basic things affect sleep.

Know your sleep position 

Did you know your sleep positions can affect your sleep both positively and negatively? Many of us choose positions when resting that put a strain on our bodies, causing back and neck problems. The best positions are those that maintain the natural curve of your spine.

But how do you find out your sleep position?

  • When you get into bed tonight take note of what position you intuitively assume, not the position you fall asleep in
  • When you wake up in the morning take note what position you’re in
  • If the these two elements match this is your preferred sleeping position

Schedule sleep

Do you go to bed at 1am, even though you know you have to get up at 7am? Or do you go to bed at different times during the week?

If your bedtime changes everyday you need to establish a routine so your body knows when it’s meant to switch off into sleep mode. Your internal clock is set by natural rhythms of day/nigh. While it may be difficult to fit your sleep preferences around commitments and restrictions, it’s important to try and keep a consistent sleep schedule for 7 days a week.

Have you discovered your sleep position? Share your experience in the forum. 

Get involved in the discussion

  • Stacey

    I fall asleep on my right side and always wake up on my back with my hands above my head duno what this means x

  • Natasha

    I usually start off on my side but soon move to my stomach. Have no idea what happens in the night then usually wake up again on my side. Start on my right side but wake up on left or right.

  • Lindamd

    Mainly a (left) side sleeper. Have retrained myself to sleep on my back as well and tend to alternate between left, right side and back.

    Extremely restless, sometimes ‘ violent’ tosser.

  • Rebecca Tupu

    I lie on my back to sleep but will wake up either on my back or my side

  • Jen

    I also start the night on my left side. I wake several times thru the night, often with a racing heart. Changing to a position on my back helps this but I always wake in the morning on my left side again

  • Rosaleesh

    Fall asleep on my left side in the foetal position….and usually wake up on either side. I know I move around a fair bit and cover all positions throughout the night lol

  • Tess Sykes

    so my bedtime position and morning wake up position are different. . in fact I can wake up to 5 times a night be in a different position each time? ??

  • Dave Grubb

    I intuitively start the night on my back with at least 3 pillows under my head neck and shoulders

    • Tess Sykes

      I used to love my pillows. using at least 3 including a trip pillow. haven’t needed them since I purchased a Gel pillow. definitely recommend them.

      • Dave Grubb

        What do you think about the Bamboo pillows?

        • Heather

          Both my husband and I have the bamboo pillows. He loves his where as I really dislike mine. It hasn’t helped his snoring much but he does sleep better.

  • Michelle Allwright

    I’m the arm under the pillow tummy sleeper

    • Kirsty Marie van Beuzekom

      I too sleep that way Michelle a bit like the recovery positionin

  • Mumma B

    Hmm.. I wonder what it means if my night time intuitive position DOESN’T match up with the position I wake in in the morning…?

    • Lisa

      Maybe it means you move around in your sleep

  • kylie

    Truly does depend on what way the wind is blowing.
    I go to sleep on my side (my leg position depends on how sore my back is)
    Hubby says I often roll on to my back, bring my knees up crossing one over the top of the other with the leg on top suspender in the air. Sometimes I sleep on my tummy but this will wake me up with pins and needles in my arms. But I generally wake up on my side. I generally get about 3-4 hours sleep overnight.

  • Sally

    Usually fall asleep on my left side then after a heck of a lot of tossing and turning manage to fall asleep .. Normally awake a few hours later due to hubby’s snoring then after changing beds to avoid the loud noise beside me I usually wake on my back :)

  • Vanessa ford

    I sleep on my left side almost in a foetal position with hands tucked under my face

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