Six Week Sleep Challenge

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We all need sleep. As surely as we need food to eat, and water to drink, we need sleep to survive. And quality sleep to thrive.

At A.H. Beard, we’ve made it our mission to improve lives through better sleep.

But a good night’s sleep is about much more than just the mattress you sleep on. It’s also about the life you lead when you’re awake. That’s why we created the 6 Week Sleep Challenge!


What's involved

What's your sleep style?

First, tell us what kind you are - do you struggle getting to sleep, or is staying asleep your issue?

Six weeks of tailored tips

Each week you'll receive tailored advice to focus your efforts on one lifestyle change that positively impacts sleep.

Unbeatable support

Whether you're after expert advice from the one and only Sleep Dr. Carmel Harrington, or simply want to chat with others on the same journey, the forum is the place to be.

Personal touch

Recieve personal sleep coaching with Dr Carmel throughout the Challenge weeks.

5 rounds since 2013

People have improved their sleep

Hours slept per week

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Increased in their sleep quality

Great challenge - I would imagine it would change many lives!

Ashleigh - Favourite week: Cut Caffeine

This was an AMAZING challenge that came at the right time in my life. I am now sleeping for solid 8 or 9 hours a night. A million "Thank You's" still wouldn't suffice!

Renee - Favourite week: Get gadgets out of sight

Thank you for sharing this information with the public, and making a genuine and committed effort to help your existing and future customers

Ananya - Favourite week: Let's get physical

WIN one of two beds valued at $4,000

Complete the 6 Week Sleep Challenge and you'll go into the draw to win an amazing A.H. Beard bed!

Sign Up Now *Winner drawn from both Australia and New Zealand